Tuesday, August 28, 2007

My Secret Garden

Welcome to The University of Alabama's Arboretum!

After a long summer of job searching, I decided to vent some frustrations and spend some time volunteering at the University's Arboretum. Unfortunately, I chose the hottest month of the summer to delve into the great outdoors. But despite the heat (and the skeets), the leafy walls of the arboretum were a welcomed respite from the sights and sounds of Tuscaloosa proper. So every morning a don my wide-brimmed gardening hat, put on the sunscreen, and let those pruning shears fly.

A birdhouse tree is a nice accoutrement to the garden of zinnias in the foreground.

A pair of passion flowers where butterfly larvae are known to make their home.

A view of the children's garden.

A butterfly meets its match.


shashi said...

love the new entry especially the purple flowers. beautiful!!!! =)

Nathan said...

yeah, neat pictures.
i gotta keep current on the new slang. "skeets" means "mosquitos." my first thought was something quite different.