Wednesday, September 26, 2007


It's time for another mid-week post. Just when you thought to yourself: "Well, there's no blog update, I guess Rashmi and Andy had another lame-o weekend", badda-bing I throw a curve ball at you from left field. And everybody knows you can't throw a curve ball from left field. Ha! See how I can turn my mumbled-jumbled colloquialisms into something usable, and more importantly something to chuck down the 'ole humor grist mill?

Another football game befell us this weekend, this time bringing with it our boys from the ATL--Ryan and Nate Judd. They joined us on Friday night for a little convivial drinking at the DCDC, before it was time for Andy to suit up for his filming gig on the Strip. For those of you who don't know, Andy's latest project is a cinema verite documentary about the Tuscaloosa band, the Dexateens. And as is the case many a time, the film's continuum demands his presence, even if it is on weekend nights, or a 10-day tour through Europe. Life's hard when your a university paid filmmaker! So off we all went, merrily down to the Club for an evening of rock and roll. Nate and Ryan and their baby blues almost made it through the first two bands, but in the end had to call it a night, after one too many head nods, and dreams of the Big Sleep. Unfortunately, their body clocks weren't cutting them any slack that night. I sat on, fighting sleep myself, until the Dexateens played, and Andy finished filming. Below you can see a promotional clip of Andy's new film about the band, composed of footage obtained from his UK/Europe trip. Beware expletives abound! (what do you expect, it's rock and roll?)

Well, in the interest of keeping this blog fresh, I'll cutback on my football talk this week. On saturday we took to our pre-game routine, also welcoming back into town Ma and Paw Grace, who joined us for Bama's first loss of the season against Georgia. That's all she wrote!

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shashi said...

awesome clip! i love how andy always finds these great characters to interview. it's bloody fantastic =)
(yes, im english now if you were wondering).