Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hog Tide

I'm a little out of order here, but I didn't want to leave Alabama's defeat over Arkansas last Saturday unaccounted for. As you can see (exhibit A far left), a few have deemed this victory one for the history books, and have taken to posting their used ticket stubs as souvenir kitsch on Ebay. Crazy, you say? Maybe, but the game itself was one that would make any Alabama fan, or even sports enthusiastic think of preserving evidence of their eyewitness. Alabama's initial 21-0 lead was slowly toppled as the Arkansas Razorbacks came from behind, gaining speed and touchdowns to eventually lead at 38-31 with 8 minutes to go in the game. If this was last year, or the year before that, or any other Shula-coached year, my story would stop here. An Alabama victory in the 4th quarter was not to be had in those days. But during this season, in the year Two-Thousand-Saban (that's the word on the street at least), the outcome would be different. In those last agonizing minutes, the Tide rallied, scoring a field goal and a final touchdown, bringing the score to 41-38 and the clock to an eight measly seconds. It was truly a spectacle, and even I was on the edge of my seat, doubled over, my stomach a mix of nervousness and excitement. I guess somewhere during the four quarters I tumbled off the precipice into Fan-Dom.

In attendance that weekend was La Familia Grace--Paw and Ma Grace, little Sis Sarah and hubbie Luke--and Uncles and Aunts from the Beck side (Reb and Diane, Murray and Diane). Reb and Diane drove (I don't know the proper verb to use here sorry) their boat from Guntersville to Tuscaloosa and tied up to a bunch of other boats on the lock wall of the Black Warrior River (Reb's usual Game-Day parking place). We had a great time brunching with everyone pre-game (see photos below), but were soon off to a friend's 'Hog Tide' tailgate where with the exception of a short jaunt to the Quad we spent the remainder of the day before the evening kick-off. We're up for some more of the same this weekend. The Georgia game will bring with it our friends from ATL, the Judd boys (we'll miss you Lane and Sarah)!

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shashi said...

WAR EAGLE (even though we suck right now). =)