Monday, October 22, 2007

Football, Art, and Sedaris...Oh, My!

Another eventful weekend has come and gone. And this time, we managed to pack in just about everything. From a celebratory low-country boil in honor of Andy's Uncle Reb's passage into his sixth decade, to a Saturday Crimson Tide victory over Tennessee, to an outdoor Arts Festival, and finally to a David Sedaris reading in Birmingham (ok, only I got to go to that). Whew. So you can see why this post is so late. I was recovering.

Yes, the third weekend in October is much anticipated by many Tuscaloosa residents. Every year some of the country's most celebrated folk artists gather against the woodsy backdrop of downtown Northport (our neighboring town), to wow us with their creations, and to tempt those with deep pockets. At this year's Kentuck Festival of the Arts there were over 250 artists offering their wares, many of which have national notoriety, like the Quilters of Gee's Bend and Annie T., the daughter of Mose T., who has taken up where her father left off. And of course there's always a couple of good bluegrass bands playing, and the opportunity to indulge in some good ole Southern Fried-ness. Who wouldn't be tempted by foot long corn dogs, and various other meats on a stick? And what about funnel cakes? It takes me back to my days at the carnival and various amusement parks, chowing down with all the other fat (excuse me, "heavy set") kids!

But in addition to Kentuck, the third weekend in October also brings arch rivals Tennessee (second only to Auburn in the nemesis line) and Alabama to the football field. This year the Vols came to us, so those loyal fans who also like Art, had to miss Saturday at the Festival to support the Team. And disappointed they were not. The upset that ensued renewed faith in those that thought our season was on the downturn.

And what can I say about my evening with David Sedaris? He was a hoot as always. Lots and lots of laughter all around.

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shashi said...

um...did you say corndogs!!????
im so jealous! =) please tell me that you induldge and ate one for your ole sis now.