Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Don't They Ever Stop?

Well, the conservative pundits are at it again. This time, they've decided to make an issue out of Al Gore's recent Nobel Peace Prize win. I mean I'm all for freedom of speech, but come on, this is just ridiculous! And of course leading the smear campaign with a fresh fist full of mud, is none other than (insert your own drum roll here)...the bastion of conservative politics, the kings of opinionated blather, and the downfall of the American media--Fox News. In what's sure to have taken up hours of programming, Fox News decided to challenge the Nobel Committee's selection and to undermine Gore's Peace Prize credibility. On 'Hannity and Colmes', Sean Hannity calls Gore a hypocrite for using a private jet, touting (as the evidential video plays for us viewers) that "[Gore] doesn't exactly follow or adhere to his own environmental preachings", and asking as the talking heads pop up for debate, "does [Gore] deserve to win the Nobel Prize?". In another segment, a commentator remarks smugly, "What do Al Gore, Yassar Arafat, and that crazy Jimmy Carter all have in common?" ("They all won the Nobel Peace Prize?" says the other commentator off-screen). Although, you can view any of the aforementioned clips on YouTube, I've chosen to feature the most outlandish of them all. Just when you think it couldn't get any absurder, some idiot (who happens to be a columnist for the New York Sun) goes on national television claiming that General Petraeus should have won the Prize instead. Oh brother, will they ever shut up?

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