Thursday, October 25, 2007

The Kitty Thermometer

Well, according to our kitty thermometer it looks like the 'cat days' of summer have finally left us! Yes, the cold weather has arrived, and with that our cat Franny's transition from spread eagle pose under the fans, to cozy kitten pose on our bed. Our transition into fall has also been noticeable. Gone is the cacophony of the air compressors buzzing in the neighborhood. Gone are the hot and sweaty bike rides home from work, forcing Andy to traipse around the house shirtless. Gone are the days where we opt for cooking supper on the grill outside, in order to spare our house the 10 degree temperature rise that occurs when we use the gas range. We've swapped our shorts and tees for sweaters, boggans, and warm pantaloons. And we get to use our seat heaters in the Volkswagen!

Here's to sweatless days and cozy nights! Happy Fall!

1 comment:

shashi said...

KITTIES!!!!! i love them so much it hurts. cozy kitties are my favorite. dont get me wrong, i love spread eagle kitties too, but those kitties in the fall look oh so comfy.
i have a request for an ode to kitties on day on the blog, full out with pics and video for those lonely people out there with no kitties!!!!!!