Monday, November 5, 2007

Let's Make a Rock Video

Last weekend, Joey Thompson, an old friend and college roommate of Andy's, returned to his alma mater, but this time with band in tow. The Archibalds, named after the famed Tuscaloosa rib shack, made an appearance in T-town on Friday night, as part of their first rock-n-roll tour through the southeast. With two days off until their next gig in Atlanta, they decided to partake of Andy's film skills to make a little music video. The video posted here was envisioned, filmed, and edited all in an entire day. We enlisted our friend MC to play the female role, since she has a flair for pageantry, and seems to have quite the costume stash. If you look closely you can even see a gold necklace with her full name, Marie Christine. How classy is that? The dancing bride was a serendipitous addition to the video, as she just happened to be getting photographed in the park, and didn't mind playing along.

If you're interested in hearing the Archibalds, check out their MySpace page.

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