Thursday, January 10, 2008

The Year of the Dems

Hey-ya sports fans. It's 2008, election year--the final days of George W. Bush's failed presidency are upon us. Are you fired up, ready to go? So goes the campaign mantra for Senator Barack Obama, who currently holds one of the two coveted democratic primary crowns. It turns out that corn is not the only King in Iowa. For Obama supporters (and it seems the political analysts), the momentum coming out of a big win in Iowa was sure to cement victory in New Hampshire, but alas Senorita Hillary worked her magic, milking those tear ducts for some much needed image boosting post-Iowa defeat. What could have very well been a moment of authenticity, turned out to be more grist for the spin machine. Was Hillary's display of emotion real, or was it politically calculated? I'm not sure, but it looks pretty sketchy, and well-placed to me. See below:

Well, at any rate Hillary 1, Obama 1. Next up, Nevada.

I'm happy to say that I took on a third (yes everyone knows three's a magical number) volunteer commitment this week, at the Obama office in Tuscaloosa. It's been fun so far meeting energetic folks who are hoping to see an Obama win in the Alabama primary come February 5. I also have to say the office is probably the most diverse place I've been in Tuscaloosa, in terms of race, class, and age. I guess that's what I like about Obama--he's got mass appeal, and though the pundits are saying that he appeals to the elite, highly educated crowd, I think the demographic is more widespread than that. If anything, African-Americans have someone to get behind, and that's a demographic in Alabama that needs to be represented. AlaObama Unite!

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