Thursday, February 21, 2008

DCDC had a Prom.

"If you plan it, they will come", said the little voice inside our heads. Day after day, we worried, "Will there really be enough people interested in an adult Prom? Could we actually pull this off?" The answer, as last Saturday night would so firmly attest to, was a resounding "YES". As it turned out, the fine people of the DCDC establishment were in fact overjoyed at the idea of a Prom. They hit the thrift stores in droves, in search of the perfect, and in some cases aptly anachronistic, attire. They found dates. They ordered corsages and boutonnieres. They made restaurant reservations. They posted nominations for Prom King and Queen, writing eloquent and appropriately cliche prose about their fellow DCDCers. And when the night rolled around, they came ready for the party of all parties, well-oiled and ready to shake some proverbial ass.

As the head of the Prom Committee, I promised my fellow DCDCers a decorum reminiscent of our days at high school dances. Although we were initially enthusiastic about the infamous balloon archway, which we thought would be an appropriate portal into yesteryear, we quickly decided that the construction as well as the costs of such a structure would exceed its potential benefit. And so the first lesson in the economics of Prom decorating was had. But not to worry, we managed to find mildly affordable, yet plenty cheesy, party adornments at Tuscaloosa's one-stop shop for all your party needs, "PartyMakers". With gold and silver-colored balloons, crepe paper, and stars we transformed the party room at the Children's Hands On Museum (our venue) into something truly "promtastic" (see photos below).

When Andy chose our Prom theme, "An Enchanted Night of Memories to Remember", I remember thinking that it might be a little ambitious--I mean not only did the night have to be enchanted, but it also had to be chocked full of memories. That would be a lot to live up to. But as the night progressed, I realized that the spirit of our theme had indeed already manifested itself! If they weren't dancing to the beats of Michael Jackson, Prince, Madonna, and the like, they were over at the photographer's corner getting Prom pictures made, or merrily cavorting with each other, swilling beer and talking about how this was the best party in Tuscaloosa---EVER.

Some choice photos are provided for your viewing pleasure. Check out the entire photo collection here. And, if you're so inclined, check out DCDC's website for a complete up-until Prom timeline.

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